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By: Carla

Jan 06 2012

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Focal Length:11.45mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Wow.  This is the 500th NOLA Nature photo.  Nothing particularly striking, just the oaks across the street – taken a day or two ago.  It’s still fall here!

People, I’m sad to say it, but it’s time for me to have fewer than three blogs.  So I think I’m going to stop posting here. Come join me at nolawildandprecious.com and I promise you’ll still get plenty of NOLA nature.  Plus other musings, fun NOLA stuff and even an occasional recipe!

I hate to let this blog go, but I also hate spending too much time in front of a screen when I could be outside with the butterflies!

Thanks to everyone who has come by and left a like or a comment.  Thanks especially to Ruth, AJ, Kim, Little Things, and Robin for so regularly commenting!  And to so many of you for all the likes!

And maybe you can bookmark this blog so that when you need a little dose of nature, you can come here, search by month or by category in the archives, and find an image that speaks to you.  And maybe I’ll turn them all into a photo book one day.

Keep going outside and enjoying nature wherever you are!



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